New Muse!


I am adding Natalie Illuminati, my character from DnD to my muse list.


She is a vampire archlich wizard princess from a land called Heimgard.  Because that’s totally a thing.  She is also hyper and has no filter AT ALL!!!!  I hope that you enjoy interacting with her~!  Have fun and Stay Awesome~!!!!  ^w^  <3

"Nat, you’re full of shit, you flirt more than I do. Anyways I’ll probably show up on one of Aurica’s blogs as a muse."



So I’ve decided to do a giveaway, partly in honor of exams being over and mostly because I’m fucking bored.

Of course, we must have rules:

  • Reblogs count- likes do not.
  • You don’t have to be following me, but I will include something extra if you are :)
  • No side/giveaway blogs- I will be checking.
  • Reblog as often as you’d like, just don’t annoy your followers
  • Winner will be selected by a random number generator
  • You must reply within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen
  • You also must be comfortable giving me your address; I can’t exactly send you something without it, yeah? ;)

First place will receive:

  • Any two wigs from (under $20 each)
  • Any Attack on Titan shirt from Hot Topic
  • any two manga volumes of your choice
  • The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
  • An SNK necklace (It doesn’t have to be survey corps; if you want a military police one or something just let me know)
  • ANY Assassin’s Creed video game for a console of your choice
  • A one-shot fanfiction over 5,000 words based on the otp/prompt of your choice- posted on AO3


  • A brand-new Xbox 360

Second Place will receive:

  • Any one wig from
  • A SNK necklace
  • Any two manga volumes of your choice
  • A one-shot fanfiction over 2,000 words based on the prompt/otp of their choice- posted on AO3

If you’re not in the SNK fandom and would like something from other fandoms, we can work it out.

Also, if you already have all the Assassins Creed games, you can substitute it with the game of your choice.

Winner will be announced on August 30th!

Good luck!! <3

UPDATE: I will be shipping internatially for this because why not. ALso if you’d prefer a playstation3 over an xbox, I can work with that too ;)

nax-rider asked:

*Super Hugs* I'm sorry for not poking you more often, I was thinking about it last night but blanked on what to say...

[[Thank you….I’m sorry I’m just really emotionally unstable so…I’m sorry if I say anything that worries you.]]

[[Maybe I should close down all of my RP blogs….nobody ever seems to visit anymore…..not even Nepgeo gets visits……azure-murakumo… criminal girls one……evilacademybeauties….I mean… nobody cares…..]]

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